ZOPF Energieanlagen GmbH is manufacturer and reconditioner of power electronics, especially for renewable energies and industrial applications such as steelworks and rolling mills.

Years of experience flow into our development as well as the optimization and regeneration of phase and power modules. The main goal is to improve the performance, increase the robustness and extend the lifetime of frequency converters.

Our specialization is to optimize older converters to the current state of the art by the use of modern assemblies as well as improved driver circuits. The close cooperation between ZOPF and technology companies like Semikron and Infineon ensures a long product life cycle. As a result, cost-intensive new investments due to the discontinuation of individual assemblies can be avoided or intensively reduced.

With ZOPF as an alternative manufacturer and maintainer of modern power electronics, you have access to an extensive inventory and the best possible support for your service to minimize the downtime of your frequency converter.